6 ways businesses can attract and retain talent to grow their communities

6 ways businesses can attract and retain talent to grow their communities Main Photo

4 Feb 2023


Attracting top talent to your business can be difficult. With a rise in remote work environments and flexible schedules, the perspectives on taking on employment have changed.  As the unemployment rate continues to drop, fewer people are in the market for a position, making it necessary to do more than simply post a job opening. Businesses must demonstrate how a worker will benefit from locating in their community and accepting that job. 

Here are some ways businesses can attract and retain talent, and contribute towards a productive and happy workforce. 

Develop a brand that reflects your business aspirations

Your employer brand is essentially your business’s “personality.” It is not just encapsulated by a slogan or redeemed by attractive color schemes. It is connected to a larger purpose. Connecting your brand to a larger effort can bring inspiration and fulfillment to even the most mundane of jobs. 

Network with potential talent at virtual and in-person industry events

It helps your business to network with other professionals, as connecting with others can give you an insight into what other businesses are doing for their employees and how this compares with your operations and offerings. It also throws the door open for you, for wider opportunities with potential long-term gains, and can help you find new hires through events or conversations. Additionally, you may find partners or clients who accelerate your business’s growth in the future — creating attractive projects for prospective employees and the need for new talent.

Build relationships with local higher education institutions

If your business is eager to hire and develop entry-level talent, it’s wise to invest in establishing relationships with higher education institutions. You can connect with university career centers to list job postings for interns and new graduates, and participate in career fairs. This will help you develop a talent pipeline of students who are eager to gain work experience in their field.

Use social media to connect with top talent

Take a look at your business’s social media presence. Do the tone, content, and copy convey your business’s culture, mission, and values? This will help potential employees evaluate whether they’re the right fit.

Consider adding job perks such as remote work, flexible scheduling, and unique benefits

These options cost employers very little but can truly matter to employees. If you do offer them, make sure to emphasize them in publicly posted job descriptions and in attention-grabbing social media posts

Think about expanding your geographic search

The pandemic forced businesses to creatively adapt to the new business climate. Some business owners learned that work that employees previously did in person could be done just as effectively online. Think about whether remote work is possible for any open positions on your team. Expanding your search outside of your immediate city could open you up to exponentially more talent.

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