Cost of Living in Ingleside

Ingleside’s low cost of living makes it possible to save money when moving from more expensive metropolitan areas or high-priced coastal communities. Ingleside offers the best of all worlds - the ability to live near the beach, have a great career, good schools for the family and a low cost of living. That primarily manifests itself in low housing prices with the average being only $156,700. It is so affordable to buy in Ingleside that few people rent. Afterall, this is where you can truly live the American dream! 

In addition to low housing prices, groceries, healthcare, utilities and transportation costs are lower in Ingleside than most of Texas and throughout the United States. The city’s cost of living is just 86% of the national average. 

Businesses benefit from low costs as well. Texas has no state corporate or personal income tax and San Patricio County has no local sales tax.

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