Education in Ingleside

Ingleside Independent School District offers a great start for all it’s students with cutting-edge programs and staffing. Parents appreciate the close community atmosphere that supports students, parents and teachers.  Low crime and wholesome youth programs make Ingleside a great place to raise your family. The Ingleside I.S.D. has traditionally produced students who graduate with the skills, logic, and motivation that form the basis for highly successful careers as well as the making of solid citizenship and strong family life. Ingleside Independent School District is progressive and proactive in providing the teaching staff, training, curriculum, equipment, activities, and facilities that ensure academic growth and performance for all students. Click here for the district brochure.

The Career and Technology (CATE) Program

The CATE program offers effective career and technology education programs that prepare students for further education and eventual employment. It complements and enhances academic preparation by enabling students to apply academic principles to a variety of community and career situations.

Ingleside Independent School District Schools

Gilbert J Mircovich Elementary Photo

Gilbert J Mircovich Elementary

Ingleside Primary School Photo

Ingleside Primary School

Blaschke-Sheldon Elementary Photo

Blaschke-Sheldon Elementary

Leon Taylor Jr High School Photo

Leon Taylor Jr High School

Ingleside High School Photo

Ingleside High School