Ingleside Site Selection

Ingleside is an affordable business location near Corpus Christi.  We encourage you to choose Ingleside for your clients because we make it faster and easier to do business in the Coastal Bend area, near the Port of Christi. From permitting times to support, we bend over backwards to ensure that projects go as smoothly as possible and businesses want to be here. 

Our friendly attitude and supportive environment stands out to businesses who are new to the region, and to those who have considered the Coastal Bend area in the past. From recruitment tools to site selection assistance - the IDC is here to help!

Cost Advantages

There are clear cost advantages to locating in Ingleside as well. Texas has no corporate income tax and San Patricio County has no local sales tax. In addition, real estate is more affordable here than in neighboring communities. Our cost of living is just 86% of the national average so everyone from the CEO to a new employee can afford to live here. 

Low Crime

Many businesses prefer to locate in our community for the low crime rates and close community atmosphere. Supportive of businesses and pro-growth, the community is welcoming of new business. 


Businesses seeking access to the Gulf of Mexico through the Port of Corpus Christi find that it is fast and easy to open a location in Ingleside. In addition, businesses have immediate access to a Class 1 Railroad and can reach the Corpus Christi International Airport in 25 minutes. Ingleside’s McCampbell–Porter Airport is an additional asset for personal and corporate air travel. With a 5,000 foot runway, the airport can support large corporate jets in addition to personal aircraft. 

Once work is over, employees appreciate being just 15 minutes from the beach and the beautiful Gulf. 


The Coastal Bend area has a labor force of approximately 260,000. Over half have at least some college, with 29% having earned a degree. The regional workforce is highly diverse with major industries including education, healthcare, construction, transportation, skilled trades, hospitality, professional and business services, and oil and gas. With universities, community colleges and technical training schools nearby, companies can recruit locally and secure additional training for their employees as needed. 

Real Estate

Existing commercial properties and sites are available in Ingleside. The IDC is here to offer site selection assistance and set up either virtual or in-person tours. 

Reasons to Choose Ingleside 

Some of the top reasons to choose Ingleside include:

  • Low taxes
  • New growth
  • Progressive community
  • Diversity of industry
  • Diversity of workforce
  • Community college
  • Technical training

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Contact the IDC for more information and to learn about the many advantages of locating in Ingleside.