Quality of Life in Ingleside

Ingleside, Texas is a beautiful, family-friendly community with access to the Texas coastline. Living in Ingleside provides the best of all worlds - access to growing careers, affordable housing, the stunning Texas coastline, and a community of proud residents that is both progressive and welcoming. Here, crime is low, neighbors still greet each other, show up for high school games and gather at local parks. 

Our proud military heritage, strong work ethic and port access makes Ingleside an attractive location for businesses, yet industry is clustered so that the community has retained its sense of hometown charm. 

Ingleside is a tropical climate location, with abundant sunshine and bright blue skies. The area is known for its fishing, birding, boating, hunting, and ready access to area beaches. The median temperature in January is 58 degrees, and in July is 84 with an average of 72.


Ingleside offers millennials, growing families and retirees the opportunity to own a home at a fraction of the national average. Statistically, it costs just 68% of the national average to buy a home here. So, if a home cost $300,000 somewhere else, that same house would be just $204,000 here. In fact, the average home price in Ingleside is only $156,700. This makes it possible to live in a community offering great jobs and beach access at affordable prices. 

Cost of Living

In addition to low housing prices, groceries, healthcare, utilities and transportation costs are lower in Ingleside than most of Texas and throughout the United States. The city’s cost of living is just 86% of the national average. 


Ingleside Independent School District offers a great start for all it’s students with cutting-edge programs and staffing. Low crime and wholesome youth programs make Ingleside a great place to raise your family.


Breathtaking sunsets can be viewed over the Corpus Christi Bay from Ingleside’s Cove Park right on the water's edge.

Six million tourists visit the Coastal Bend area for its unspoiled beaches and habitat areas, and fun-filled area attractions. Living in Ingleside is like being a “year-round tourist” living in an awesome destination for work and play!

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