Reasons Site Selectors Choose Ingleside: Cutting-edge technology meets hometown charm

Reasons Site Selectors Choose Ingleside: Cutting-edge technology meets hometown charm Main Photo

9 Dec 2021


In a recent survey conducted by Site Selection Magazine, corporate real estate executives ranked Texas as the No.1 Best Business Climate in the United States*. (* This ranking is meaningful as it shows the kind of positive experience that business owners and leaders are having in the state. 

Ingleside, the hub of the Coastal Bend area and strategically positioned in the La Quinta Ship Channel has been writing the same success story as the renowned state of Texas. Although considered “rural”, Ingleside is home to many large industries and business leaders in the international arena. Some key examples are Enbridge, Kiewit  Offshore Services, Signet Maritime, OxyChem, Flint Hills, Apachie Industrial among others. 

Why Ingleside

  1. Economic Strength due to an impressive location:  Ingleside, Texas is located just 15 minutes north of metropolitan Corpus Christi, and just across the ship channel from the Port of Corpus Christi, the world’s third-largest Port.  Ingleside’s industrial partners work closely with the Port to ensure the safe and efficient passage of ships in and out of Ingleside. This association helps Ingleside remain an area of worldwide commerce. A notable success has been emerging as the proud birthplace of Thunder Horse, one of the largest offshore platform rigs of its kind in the world. Ingleside enjoys quick access to the Gulf of Mexico through the Port of Corpus Christi.
  2. Well-connected transportation routes: Ingleside offers railroad and highway network connectivity via a  North American Class-1 railroad and two other major highways. Ingleside has been home to Union Pacific for over a hundred years. Today, Union Pacific services the city’s industry partners -  bringing materials and sending out finished goods for sale worldwide. Its two main road arteries, SH-361, and FM-1069 handle the existing industrial and commuter traffic. In addition, businesses have access to two airports within 25 minutes. The Corpus Christi International airport is just 25 minutes away.
  3. The available workforce you need:  Ingleside and the Coastal Bend area boast a strong skilled workforce of approximately 260,000 people. Over half have at least some college, with 29% having earned a degree. The regional workforce is highly diverse with major industries including education, healthcare, construction, transportation, skilled trades, hospitality, professional and business services, and oil and gas.  Ingleside companies benefit from the availability of local workforce training programs. Del Mar College has a Workforce Development Center designed to upskill the local workforce and provide hands-on training. They offer career and industry training, transportation training, healthcare programs, corporate training, and online education opportunities. Additional technical training is available through South Texas Vocational Tech. & Craft Training Center of the Coastal Bend.
  4. Competitive costs: Utility prices are lower in Ingleside than the national average. The cost of living here is just 86% of the national average and utility prices are lower as well. This is one more area where businesses can save money when moving to Ingleside from more costly metropolitan areas.
  5. Building and attracting the world’s best: The third phase of a landmark expansion of the Port of Corpus Christi Ship Channel is now underway. With this, the channel’s depth would increase to minus 54 feet mean lower low water from minus 47 feet. Adding an additional 400 feet of barge shelves. The Port is already generating more than 98,000 regional jobs, and the completion of this channel improvement project will lead to additional jobs, allowing for increased funding into community reinvestment initiatives.** 

A progressive community with an excellent school system and active lifestyle Ingleside, Texas offers an affordable location for businesses wishing to locate within the Coastal Bend area. From properties along Highway 361 to existing light industrial buildings, warehouse space, and retail locations - Ingleside has a variety of options for businesses looking to expand, grow and prosper. 

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