Low Cost of Living in Ingleside, TX, is Drawing More People’s Attention!

12 Aug 2021


People and businesses are moving to Ingleside for its low cost of living! Ingleside, TX, located just miles north of Corpus Christi on The Coastal Bend. This gives residents the best of both worlds. Not only can residents enjoy living on the bay, the beaches, and good schools. They also enjoy the city’s low cost of living, which is just 86% of the national average!

Housing is so affordable to buy in Ingleside that few people are renters. The average house in Ingleside costs approximately $156,700. Businesses benefit from this low cost of living as well! Texas has no state corporate or personal income tax and Ingleside has no sales tax. Click here to learn more about the low cost of living in Ingleside and see why more people are choosing to live here!

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