Business Improvement Grant

The Business Improvement Grant (BIG) is a program provided by the Ingleside Development Corporation (IDC) to encourage capital investment by for-profit businesses located within the city limits of Ingleside.

Improvements will be projects that convey with the building and will typically consist of building or remodeling a building space. All buildings and facilities located within Ingleside when these guidelines are adopted shall be eligible for this program. However, funds will only be awarded to Applicants improving a piece of property that has an existing structure or slab in place.

The BIG is a reimbursable grant that requires a match from the Applicant. The BIG may be approved for an amount up to 1⁄2 of the cost of the project up to $20,000. The matching funds provided by the IDC for the grant are capped and will not exceed $10,000. Improvement projects will typically consist of reconstructing or remodeling a building space (exterior and/or interior), or resurfacing an outdoor area. Non-permanent fixtures, furniture, and/or décor are not eligible for reimbursement. Funding will be delivered only upon completion of the improvement project and submission of an invoice and proof of payment to the IDC for verification.


Jodi Carr

Executive Director

Ingelside Development Corporation

P.O. Drawer 400
Ingelside, TX 78362

Phone: (361) 776-3815

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